I worked with Ros, quite intensively, over a one month period. I was not happy in my job and keen to make sure my next role would be a better fit for me.

Ros enabled me to understand what really matters to me and what I needed in my next role as well as, importantly, what I did not need. The clarity I have gained is extremely helpful. What was also very useful, and enlightening, was the way Ros became the catalyst for wider discussions with my partner to ensure we were both on the same page when it came to life goals such as work/life balance and even where we wanted to live. This whole person approach is just what I needed and I feel ready for the next stage of my career and life. Thank you Ros.

M.C. One Page Career Plan Programme

It's Matt Hill here. I did careers coaching with you back in Feb/March. I just wanted to let you know that I've finally managed to find a new job! I'm going to be working for the Natural History Museum from January! This is kind of a dream job for me, and ticks many of my requirements that you helped me uncover: small team, valuable outputs, varied work and respect for my detail oriented skillset. I aced the interview because the work we did together definitely helped me focus on what I wanted. So I was able to ask the right questions about their culture and values and it was clear they were in line with what I wanted. It took 6 months to find it, but I'm really relieved as it now means I can close my business which, if you recall, was making me very unhappy. Thanks again for helping me get to this destination. What a great Christmas present!

Matt Hill, Find Your New Direction programme

Just want to let you know the bank made me an offer last week and I am happy with what they offered so I have accepted it. I should be starting some time in October. Thank you so much for your coaching, it played a significant part for me to getting this role.

Michelle, Interview Coaching

I've enjoyed working with Ros over the past year to help evaluate what is really important to me as I enter the next stage of my professional life. She asked the rights questions, and gave me the space and guidance to arrive at my own answers. I recommend her to any professional who needs clarity on what they really want from their life and their career, and needs a push in the right direction.

Z. Vardy, Find Your New Direction programme

Hi Ros

I just wanted to let you know that my presentation in Cyprus last week went well. We had a good turn out - around 120 attendees.

My presentation was the last one of the seminar and I spoke after the Cypriot Minister of Shipping (who arrived with a police escort and entourage!), so I was pretty nervous waiting my turn. However, I managed to keep my nerves under control and at the drinks/ networking afterwards I had several people tell me that my presentation had been very interesting.

I'm really pleased I did it (though nerve-wracking) and hope to have further opportunities in the future to keep developing this skill.

C. Henderson, Leadership Coaching

Ros, Rachel, I got the "head of" post at the museum and am thrilled. Thank you both for your help this summer, it's made all the difference. I've been recommending you both far and wide.

S.W. CV Writing and Interview Coaching Services

I was in a respectable career and worked hard to get to where I was but had become bored and depressed. Was I having some sort of mid-life crisis? I finally built up the courage to review and interview career coaches and was initially sceptical, but I did not know where to turn. The tools Ros provided were invaluable. Through these tools I was able to understand why I was feeling this way and more importantly how to, in bite-size fashion, approach and change my life for the better. I am now far happier and optimistic about the future. I have a clear plan for the next 3 years in respect of setting up my own business. There is a lot of work to do but I am excited and enthused by the future, I no longer feel trapped by my circumstances but empowered and in control. I am extremely grateful to Ros who has equipped me to make informed career decisions for myself and that insight and knowledge is likely to assist me in making the best career and life decisions for me, for the rest of my life.

Simon, Find Your New Direction programme

Hello Rachel, Once again I'd like to thank you for your service. It was quick, painless and I remained dignified. I shall indeed refer you when the opportunity arrives. Thank you for your wonderful service.

Shaun, CV writing services

I have been offered the Director of Finance role at a charity in Sussex and will be starting in mid January. It looks like a great organisation, and their mission is one that inspires me. They have recently been through some changes and the Executive Management Team will be brand new. The board seem good and they have ambitions to expand. It feels like a good fit for me. Thank you for the advice and support you gave me this year. I know that this contributed to my success in the interview; your advice was invaluable.

S. Roebuck, Get Hired! Programme, Sussex

I didn't enjoy my job and I felt underutilised in my career. I didn't feel like the work made any use of the skills I enjoy the most or my interests.

Through coaching I have learnt a great deal about my strengths, and I have been able to clearly identify what I enjoy doing and what is important to me in a job. I have identified a clear direction for my next steps which is going into teaching.

I am grateful for Ros's guidance. I have come such a long way in knowing myself and understanding the things that I enjoy, the things that motivate me, and the things that prevent me from progressing. My confidence and motivation have also improved.

H.C. Find Your New Direction

A very smooth process, and enjoyable as well. Rachel was a pleasure to work with: fast, efficient and positive. Highly recommended, you will be in safe hands!

G. Rhodes, CV writing services

Ros coached me for a brief period of time to help me get some clarity on my professional goals. She was very insightful and helped me greatly. I particularly valued her honesty, efficiency and vast knowledge. As a result I now feel calmer about my current job and excited about what is out there and possible for me to have a fulfilling life.

Ana B., Investment banker, Career Planning

I'm so pleased to say I got the job! I definitely wouldn't have had a chance without the support and expertise of you and Rachel -so a huge thank you! Feeling slightly petrified...definitely my stretch zone but excited!

HK, Strategic Charity Role, Interviewing Coaching and CV Services

All good news! The move back to Sydney went well and I am actually really enjoying being back home, living a more relaxed lifestyle and being close to family again. Work wise - I took the job search slowly, and spent a lot of time networking with people in a few key focus industries.

I'm now an investment manager at a small property fund manager. A bit different to the path we landed on at the end of the coaching, but all my key 'must haves' are here and more, and it lets me leverage off what I learnt while at my old job. It's a small company and I play a key role in identifying and executing on transactions. Our focus is on aged care and medical property, so it has been a steep but very interesting learning curve, but the industry and the people who work within it are good for the soul. My boss is fantastic, and is a true enabler of his employees and gives me ample opportunity to step up and develop on an ongoing basis. We are growing quickly which has given me an opportunity to coach new starters. I can work from home whenever I want with no questions asked, my hours are normal 9 to 5 most of the time, and I'm paid well but without pressures to meet revenue targets. I've never felt less stressed, I actually get time to think, and I am challenged in the right way on a day to day basis. Too good to be true. And given the work we did where I focused my thinking on the core things that I want from a job, it helps me appreciate it even more!

C. Brown, Find Your New Direction

At the back end of last year my company created a position for me in Rail which aligns with the ideal job description I've written under your guidance last summer. I'm pleased to say that the position has received management approval and we're now in the final stages of salary negotiation. At the same time I'm also getting more involved in the target organisations we spoke to gain some exposure which will hopefully put me in a good place to explore future positions. All-in-all I feel like things are moving in the right direction. I wanted to thank you again for your guidance to this point, it's been very valuable.

H. Latham, Get Hired! Programme

Searching for work when unemployed is a fairly isolated task. Effectively the only feedback you received is through rejected / accepted job application. Coaching with The Career Coach was a way of providing me with structure, advice and challenge to maximise my opportunities in and around my search for work.

Coaching provided me with a set of tools to assess where I was in my search for work and what I needed to concentrate on to deliver positive results. It also provided me with a methodology to determine what type of job I would be most happy in, what sectors to concentrate on as well as enabling me to be resilient in my search. Above all it allowed me to feel ok about the downsides of job search - particularly the open-ended nature of the activity - and made me worry less.

I have been offered an interesting interim management role so I will be back to searching for my next opportunity after six months. However the difference next time will be that I have the tools and structure to be able to undertake this search as a result of the coaching that I have received.'

Andrew Elkington, Local Government, Get Hired! Programme

Before I began coaching my biggest challenge was my ability to sell myself, to understand what my unique skill set was, and what I wanted out of work and life. Your coaching allowed me to learn a lot about myself, what's important to me, and most importantly I've gained a huge amount of confidence in being able to talk about my skills and my past and be proud of my achievements to date. I've since applied for a number of jobs and am currently in the interview process, and am optimistic I can secure a job soon.

James Shrager, Find Your New Direction programme

I just wanted to let you know that I'm starting a new role in my current employer next week. It's not exactly what I was looking in the perfect role but it's pretty close! And only 1 month off what my 5 year plan says! I just wanted to say thank you again - I've never been so excited about a role before and it felts great to have made a plan, actually be changing what I'm doing to fit with it and be moving into something I'm passionate about. Very happy!
o. I couldn't have got to where I am now without her.

M. Wingfield, Find Your New Direction Programme

I found the coaching process to be very valuable, particularly in focusing me and structuring my thoughts. The initial exploratory phase was engaging and fascinating to confirm my skills set and certain traits of my personality. Defining life and work values really was something I'll use again and again, in that I know feel armed to make any decision having these reference points. The visualisation of my powerful self was a clever way of building my confidence in what I am capable of.

I now see viable options ahead of me, and although I'm still daunted about actually making the move into one of my career paths I feel I have the plan and tools I need and further support when the time is right. Rachel's overhaul of my CV into something that looks very professional and current was impressive. Thank you.

A. Lawrence, Sussex, Find Your New Direction

Ros is a highly accomplished coach who really helped me during my job-search following a career break. By providing a thorough and structured approach Ros helped me to achieve my short term goals whilst also providing tools and insight that will help me as a manager in the years to come.

Nick Bath, Head of Business Development Gemserve, Get Hired for Professionals Programme

Ros provided me with the confidence and support to network better and smarter, and understand what I really valued in terms of role responsibilities and job satisfaction. Although difficult at first this provided dividends in terms of results.

I have now secured a senior role on a major transformation programme within the public sector, which on paper alone was not a good match with my profile.

This has subsequently given me the opportunity to develop and succeed in a way that has previously be unavailable to me.

Thank you Ros!

SM, UK Government

A big thank you to Ros for her recent coaching. Ros really listens. She doesn't just offer 'quick fix' one-size-fits-all solutions. She naturally builds genuine trust and a good rapport. You can be honest and work towards what really motivates you rather than what you think should motivate you! Her online resources are excellent but Ros is that rare blend of professionalism, warmth and integrity that keeps you motivated to seek the jobs/roles you want rather than shoehorn yourself into roles available. Thanks.

S. McDonagh, Immigration Caseworker, Beds

Ros, here's my update. I'm really pleased that I made the decision to create the 'head-space' I needed by stepping into the new role we discussed to gain the Policy experience I was looking for. Not only have I now gained some Policy experience, what's been really exciting is how I've been learning so much about new models of care and developing my understanding of how services need to be provided in the future. It's great for my CV and it's made the difference between me wanting to leave my job and deciding to stay, because I'm feeling happy and engaged in my work again and I can see that there's now opportunities for me to progress here. Just as important, I have genuinely drawn a line under the historic issues I've had with my line manager and we're working really well together again. It's taken 18 months to get there- but I have finally drawn that episode to an end. Your input has played a significant part in that- so I could look at things afresh. Thank you for everything.

Ali, in the healthcare sector, One Page Career Plan

I was really unhappy with my job and feeling helpless, because I did not know where to go and what jobs and careers to look for. I felt like I'd hit the dead end and did not have any tools to get out of there. This is when Ros came into the scene and helped me see the light. She helped me identify what my unique selling proposition is, and this immediately gave me so much strength and feeling of inner power. I've quickly realised why the job I was in wasn't working for me and, with Ros's help, started looking for a new career path. Jotting down and thinking about what it is that I like doing the most and what it is I'm passionate about, has helped me identify my new career path. What it takes is looking at yourself from the outside, at a different angle, and Ros's exercises and tools would help you with that. Be prepared, though, that obviously Ros would not 'land' you your new dream job, it's going to be a lot of work and commitment from your end, but ultimately the journey is going to be rewarding! Thanks for your help, Ros, I'm armed with a lot of knowledge and helpful tools and I hope that this will help me get where I want to be very soon!

N.A. Find Your New Direction Programme

My coaching with Ros started as I was about to leave an organisation where I had worked for almost 11 years. I was leaving with a view to having some time off to completely re-evaluate what sort of job/career I wanted. Throughout the sessions Ros encouraged me to consider a huge variety of options and to understand how I could match them to my skills. As we come to the end of the coaching I feel much better prepared to embark on life as a freelancer, combining my expert knowledge, my skill set and need for a much happier work life balance

Alice Staite, Find Your New Direction Programme

Ros is awesome! I went to Ros at a difficult time when I knew my career wasn't right. It wasn't horrible and it paid the bills but something was missing. Ros made me feel at ease straight away and I knew from my very first session that my gut feel was right and a big change was about to come my way. We worked through my skills and my values both in my professional and home lives. I began to understand why my current career didn't fit. When I began with Ros I felt lost but through our sessions this fell away and I began to see opportunities. I now have some exciting opportunities that I'm currently looking into further. I'm confident that I am making an informed decision from a place of strength thanks to everything Ros has taught me. Watch this space!

Cerys Williams, Find Your New Direction Programme

Hi Ros. Once again many thanks for all your help. You have given me excellent coaching and guidance, and I wouldn't have done it without you. Your professional advice and encouragement has been superb. All the areas you highlighted did come up on my work experience day and 2nd interview. I was delighted they offered me the appointment.

A.T., Interview Coaching

Hi Ros, I just wanted to quickly tell you the good news! I got an offer on Friday literally 1 hour after our call. They offered me a really good deal. I am happy and accepted on Monday. I am starting with 4 weeks training. I have so many things to organize at the moment it's crazy. I wanted to thank you for all your support over the last months and I will definitely reach out to you again when I need further help.

S.B., Job Search Programme

I found out this afternoon that the university have offered me the job. I was shocked and delighted!! I wanted to say the mock interview helped a lot. Your advice to keep the presentation strategic was also very helpful, and I think made me stand out. So once again, thank you for your professional advice and support.

.D., Interview and Presentation Coaching

During my maternity break I decided to re-evaluate my career direction and find something that would make me happier an d more fulfilled. It was not an easy journey but Ros has been instrumental in helping me to understand myself better and to research various career options. While she addressed many "small" concerns along the way, she helped me not to lose sight of the bigger picture. I am very happy with the new career direction. I would thoroughly recommend Ros and her Career change programme.

I.J., Career Change Programme

Hi again, I got the job! Not sure what the job is...I applied for one, went for another they felt better suited, ended up with one being created for me!! So, thank you very much in helping me see the light. I did exactly as you suggested, mirrored his moves and speed of voice. cannot thank you enough.

G. Bright., Interview Coaching

I had my second interview since our sessions and got the job. Top of my ideal job list was head of communications for a housing association and that's exactly what I'm going to be. I did all the things you said, the preparation, the body language, the NLP and even the Ali-style pre-visualisation. You put magic in those Skype calls. Thanks so much.

Ben Schofield, Interview Coaching

Ros helped me to navigate a difficult course - I had left a previous career feeling exhausted and disillusioned. After taking a year out to work in the voluntary sector I had ma de some progress in terms of discovering what made me tick, yet felt unable to identify (let alone articulate) my professional strengths or future direction. I knew that I wanted to get back into the workplace, but had no idea what sort of roles were open to me and I was lacking a certain amount of energy and confidence to move forward. After working with Ros for just 8 weeks, I achieved a very clear understanding of what I want to get out of my future career, and my life more generally. I now have a well-developed vision of what I want to achieve and realistic action plans to get me there. Just as importantly, I have the personal confidence to pursue my chosen routes, and I feel happier and more energised as a person. Many thanks Ros!

Janis Webster, Career Change Programme

Ros's guidance in conjunction with the tools that we worked with provided a solid ground to clearly frame up my values, vision, skills and development needs and from there develop a focused strategy for short and long term career moves. With great listening skills and a lot of patience, she helped me set a more clearly defined vision of my career aspirations as an integral part of my life and then open my field of vision to see that there are many more alternatives to reach these goals. Finally, the tools that we worked with and the guidance in how to use them are ones that I can refer to and update on a constant basis as things progress -- at the end of the day, you get as much out of something as you put into it.

A. Ostermann, One Page Career Plan Programme

Working with Ros has been very useful in helping me gain a better understanding of my career, current and future. Through this programme I have been able to gain a much better perspective on what motivates me within the professional area and as such where my career focus should be. As someone who has never spent much time focusing on MY career aspirations having Ros professional perspective has been very useful. Her positive and uplifting approach has been a breath of fresh air.

R. McLean, HR

Thanks for the interview coaching session. It has really helped me to get real about what I want. You helped me to refocus. It is not about going to interview and saying the right things and getting a role which isn't right for me. That's how I ended up where I am. It is about me making sure that the role is right for me also (as well as them making sure I'm right for the role). I think this re-shift in focus will help and I've come up with a long list of questions to ask at interview- things that I really want to know instead of generic questions. Also, I am doing a lot more research on the company and the people interviewing me. I'm looking for specific things about the firm or the people that genuinely interest me which I can talk about or ask about at interview. I think that my next interview will be a totally different experience. Hopefully enjoyable and whether I get the job or not it will still be a good use of my time.

M.L., Commercial Lawyer, Interview Coaching

I was referred to Ros by a friend at a time when I was assessing my career choices and looking to get third person advice on some upcoming decisions. She proved to be not only very flexible about accommodating my (location-related) scheduling and communication difficulties, but also challenged my assumptions and got me to think about myself and take a hard look at my choices from the outside, using a variety of techniques and tools. At the end of the process I didn't find a 'miracle solution,' but a much more realistic appreciation for what I really want in my career and my life, and what steps I need to take to get it. Ros has been extremely supportive throughout.

C. Schneider, Project Lead, International Organisation

I was hampered by negativity about my career prospects and general direction. Ros helped me analyse what I really wanted and was good at and this led me logically and solidly towards a much clearer sense of direction. I now have a set of actions that broadly fit in with my previous direction of travel, but I now have a much greater sense of conviction as well as a series of specific actions to take.

N.B., Lawyer, Career Change Programme

I approached Ros because I felt stuck in my job and simply unable to see the wood for the trees. I knew there was a disconnect between my work and my personality but I had no idea what to do about it. Ros worked with me to analyse my values and skills and to match them with possible careers. Our work was invaluable and has empowered me to start making positive changes. Thank you, Ros!

Ian S, Career Direction Coaching

Just a quick note to say how happy I am that I have now started ( as of 10th June) my new job which is about 7m minutes drive from my house.:)) - It just does not get better than that!

I would have probably mucked up yet another interview should I have not had the Interview Coaching Session with Ros.. or may be not even invited if it was not for the brilliantly written CV by you Rachel. Thank you both for the time you spent - it has produced results immediately.

I have recommended you both to all my friends.

M Clarke, Interview Coaching and CV Rewrite

What did I want from my career change programme with Ros? A fundamental analysis of what I want from life, both professionally and personally; an uncompromised evaluation of all the career options; an in-depth reconciliation of the two; and an action plan to put me on the road to a new working life. Did I get all this? Absolutely, and quicker than I had dared hope. Ros struck the perfect balance between leading, encouraging and supporting. Having started working with her in January, I took the first steps towards my career just two months later. I now have some exams to take but hope to be in my new line of work within a year.

N. Ashwell, Career Change Programme

I approached Ros for career coaching as I was frustrated with my career in sales and wanted to make a change to a career in which I felt happy, motivated and could flourish. The sessions with Ros helped me to gain a deep understanding my strengths, skills and motivations which in turn helped me to uncover a number of potential career paths. I now have a clear plan of action of how I am going to achieve my career change and, importantly, have the confidence and motivation to succeed.

A. Morgan, Career Change programme

The career change programme has given me a clear sense of direction and purpose in my career development. I am now more aware of where my strengths lie and of what I want from my career and personal life. I have a plan of action, with realistic goals, to guide me in getting to where I want to be in five years' time. In general, the course has made me feel more positive about the challenge of changing career.

Tim, Career Change Programme

When I first contacted Ros my life was one big confused mess, I would meander from one job to the next trying different things and often getting bored very quickly. After a few sessions with Ros, I discovered my motivations in work and life and took a realistic view on many of the whirlwind ideas I had about my future career. Ros was very understanding, supportive and honest throughout the whole experience. I am now at a stage where I know exactly what I want to do and I know how to make it happen. For the first time in my life I am excited about my career plan, I can not speak highly enough of Ros and have already recommended her to my friends and colleagues. A truly, life changing, worthwhile experience.

S. Howard, Procurement, Career change programme

I came to Ros during a time when I was very unhappy in my career and couldn't quite understand my next steps. Through a series of coaching sessions, I began to build confidence in my decisions and understand much more about who I was and what I wanted to do. The flexibility yet structure of the discussions were invaluable. After just over three months of sessions, I found the confidence to find a job, improve my work-life balance and am now ecstatic to be starting a new found journey. Thank you Ros!

RK, Director - Business Development and Commercial Strategy, Pharmaceutical Consulting

I approached Ros when I was feeling at a very low ebb in my career. I felt negative and unfufilled and couldn't see a way out. Ros's careful probing analysis of my situation and informed suggestions helped me to find alternatives and choices I didn't know I had. She led me by the hand through the mass of feelings, prejudices, financial considerations and hurdles which were blinding me to a solution and in the process I found out a lot about myself. I eventually gained clarity and confidence to make some far reaching changes in my life and now feel happy and confident with my new career choice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ros to any professional, who, like me was at 40 and looking to make a positive change.

J.S.O - Birmingham, UK

Ros has excellent listening skills and is really able to get a sense of who you are. I was desperate to leave my job when I started with Ros but the stress reduced knowing I had someone to speak to about it. The time I spent exploring who I am and what I really need let me take a step back and see how I want work to fit into my life and not the other way around.

Jo, Public Sector, Career Change Programme

I came to Ros at a very difficult time in my life, having taken voluntary redundancy the previous year with a view to establising a freelance career combined with part-time working. I hadn't had much success with either aspect and was starting to feel very negative about my future career prospects. Working with Ros helped me identify what I really wanted from my future career and the skills I had to offer. She also made me think properly about what I really needed to do if I was serious about doing freelance work and to consider whether it is something I am really cut out for. Most of all I felt Ros really listened to my concerns and to what I wanted to get out of coaching. As a result, I feel a lot more confident about my own strengths and abilities and alot clearer about what I need to do to effectively establish a freelance career. I have recently got a part-time job which fits really well with the work values I identified whilst working with Ros and I also have a clear plan of action for developing my freelance career so I'm now feeling very positive about the future.

RB, London, Career Change Programme

I had been a self-employed software programmer for 10 years. On paper everything looked fine but I was desperately bored and thoroughly unfulfilled. I started to resent my work and my business, leading to a spiral of slipping standards and ever deeper unhappiness. It was obvious I had to do something else but I had no idea what. Any ideas I had were being stymied by my worsening self-confidence. It felt like my career was an impenetrable mess.

Ros immediately reassured me that I wasn't alone, that my situation was perfectly normal and that it was ok - necessary, in fact - to be thinking about career change. Her knowledge, experience and devotion made me feel instantly supported. Working with Ros taught me how to think positively about careers and my place in the job market; about my past and my future.

I left the process with all the tools, logically laid out, for me to research a new career productively and enjoyably. Without having to force it and through clarity of mind, a new career path has opened-up in front of me; one that excites me and that has the potential to take me into areas that I know will fulfil my passions and values.

Rob Sykes, Lucid Information Technology Ltd

I hope you are well and 2012 is working out as you'd hoped it would.
I realised that I never did let you know how our supper club went. We've named it The Sharing Supper Club, as we serve everything in big sharing dishes and then everyone can tuck in. Well we're on to our third event next week and much as it is hard work its also fun and although not a huge money maker yet we're able to make a little and helps us to realise the dream of having our own restaurant. Here's our facebook page if you wanted to check out our pictures of the last couple of events. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Sharing-Supper-Club/255812891143364. Take care & thanks.

Jennie Ward, Career Change Programme

When I started working with Ros, I had lost all motivation in continuing my freelance career and looking for an alternative. She helped me realise that I liked and am suited to what I was already doing. We came up with new ideas and ways for me to be happier and more productive in my career. Thanks in part to her positive way of motivating me, I am now getting more work than before and am in the process of setting up my own theatre company.

Frank Thiel, Actor, Career Change Programme

I have worked in the same profession for 15 years and was struggling to think of career possibilities outside my current area of work. The coaching experience with Ros helped me to consider career options in a focused and structured way and I learned a lot about myself as a person along the way. I feel very satisfied with the outcome of our work together. I am confident that I have researched the options thoroughly and come up with a realistic and well considered action plan. I could not have achieved this without Ros' help and encouragement.

CD, Construction Lawyer, Career Change Programme

I was at a bit of a crossroads, feeling unfulfilled with my current job and looking for inspiration so I contacted Ros to help understand my current situation and explore the possibility of a career change. Ros was brilliant at spending the time needed to understand my key work and life motivators and brainstorm new ideas together. This has enabled me to begin to research potential options with renewed confidence; armed with key information about myself and what i want from my future career. Thanks for all your patience and expertise!

Marketing Manager, FMCG, Career change programme

I came to Ros because I had been at the same company for years and I wanted a clearer idea of what I could do with my job, or whether to go in another direction. Ros challenged me to consider what it was I really wanted, which shook me up because I had got stuck complaining about what I didn't like. All of the exercises were useful, and Ros' pragmatic approach helped me be realistic about the types of role I should be going for, and the best timing of my job change too, since I would like to have another child. My father has produces olive oil and I am passionate about Greek food. This programme has given me the confidence to think maybe I could sell his oil in the UK, at first as a stream of income alongside a full time job. But if I find I have a flair for it, who knows, I might go full time!

A.R. Career Change Programme

Thank you Ros for helping me get a job after 11 years of a career break. Your direct, sensitive approach, your understanding and thoughtfulness have been invaluable. You have taken my thinking one step further and shown me ways of researching and understanding my prospect employer and its philosophy. You also helped me think deeper about my personal career goals and what is that I am really looking for in my employer. You have taken me step by step through the recruitment process and the job interviews and helped me build up my skills in the right direction. You have been very approachable and prompt in answering my questions and providing advice, even outside our scheduled discussions, being there when I needed you.
Having been through job interviews in the past where I was just prepared to answer a set of typical questions, I have now learnt some valuable lessons for my future career, like how to analyse and respond to my employer's requirements, how to make a good impression and bring out my own achievements and capabilities, basically how to market myself in my workplace.

AP, Job search coaching, Australia

Although I had not enjoyed my previous jobs, Ros helped me identify the skills and strengths I had demonstrated in these roles and to celebrate them. Working through her programme helped me trust my instincts to take the next step to create a fulfilling career. Ros is a very perceptive coach who also helped me tackle some wider issues so I now have some exciting life golas in addition to the prospect of an exciting business to launch.

EW, Educational Psychologist, Career Change Programme

A number of years ago my career path changed due to circumstances and I realised I was not happy professionally. Working with Ros I was able to identify the skills and knowledge I had to offer and how I wanted to proceed professionally. Ros was extremely supportive, resourceful and offered constructive advice. The exercises and coaching sessions provided me with an understanding of what I wanted and the tools to move forward in my job search. The entire coaching process with Ros was invaluable and provided me with a road map back to the work I had always loved.

LG, Career Change Coaching

I have got a huge amount out of my coaching with Ros. I have stopped going round the endless loop of not being happy but not sure where to go or what to do. I now have a clear idea of where I want to go and how I am going to get there and an in depth understanding of what is important for me in all areas of my life that I can measure future options against. The programme is very well structured, easy to see where you are and where you are going but also flexible to cope with the speed at which you are travelling.

S Collins, Planning Manager, Construction sector

Working together with Ros was a complete revelation for me in terms of realising what was REALLY important to me in life and business, and how important it was to consider that in my career choices, as opposed to trying to be someone else. It led me to some changes in my private life as well, and made me realise the importance of networking, something I had always resisted to because it wasn't in my comfort zone. Sometimes you have to be pushed a little bit to get the ball rolling.

SF, Marketing Manager, construction industry

I have got an interview! Apparently it's down to me and one other person and they are 'very interested' in my CV so that's very exciting. Otherwise I am pleased to report both my journalism and freelance PR are taking off and I think I'm going to break even in March for the first time. Also am networking and really enjoying it because I feel I know what I'm doing, so I'm keeping the momentum going for the future. Very grateful to you! Money well spent.

VS, Freelance writer and PR, Job search coaching

At the start of the coaching Ros asked me to set goals. I was deliberately very ambitious. Ros accepted this and to my surprise we achieved them all. The Career Coach does make a difference.

ML, Senior Energy Researcher, Leadership coaching

I knew about Ros' work having attending some workshops she had ran in the past. Her open minded and empathetic approach suited me and she was naturally the first person to turn to when I wanted to reassess my career. I felt trapped in my job and my career focus had become blurred which was a new feeling for me having been, what I thought, the master of my career up to this stage. My first thought was that I needed a new job, a different kind of job and Ros could help me there. I did get a new job with more money and better career prospects in a new sector, but through the process of working with Ros, it became clear that the reason I was blocked was because what I really wanted was to start my own business. Ros gave me the mechanisms to discover this and the voice to articulate it. I went in an entirely different direction than I thought I would be going. The job I was offered, I realised with Ros' help, was taking me further away from career satisfaction. So I turned the job down and am now focusing on creating and starting my own business. Ros gave me the confidence to do both of these things in this precarious environment with her very supportive, practical and intuitive approach. I have come to realise how important an idea can be and Ros helped me get the guts to see it through as it can be uncomfortable to face up to the changes. But even so, my dream of starting my own business is no longer a dream but is fleshing out as a reality, even though I have still a way to go yet. Having Ros as a career coach has been a fantastic and brilliant experience. I believe everybody ought to have this experience because you find yourself in places you didn't expect to be and I thoroughly recommend Ros to take you on that journey.

SM, Manager, Arts sector

I felt like I needed to pursue my calling. My current career was making me unhappy despite the success I was achieving. The success was my employers success and not my own and inside I was rather lost. Ros has helped provide the clarity and perspective I needed to make choices that were right for me. Working in the finance field but very intuitive at heart, I knew Ros had a challenge on her hands - but more importantly, she has helped me become as I should be: energitic, positive, and bold enough to pursue my career goals with conviction that were hidden latent within me all along but needed the right person to ease them out with the care and grace that they deserved. Thanks again Ros - you're a blessing!

I was nervous about starting a new job after taking a career break, and decided to give career coaching a try. The coaching sessions were supportive and challenged my views on my work practices and routines. I really looked forward to my sessions, and discussing the struggles I was facing, with someone who was honest with me and I could trust in confidence.

S. Rai, Public Sector in-house Lawyer

Almost without realising it, the career coaching programme took me from not being sure about where I wanted to go in life to having a positive idea about what to work towards in the next five years, and gave me the confidence to reach for that idea.

I Fletcher, Accountant

When I first contacted Ros, I was unsure what my future held. I had little motivation to continue in my existing job, but could not focus on where to move to. The career change programme has helped me take a step back and work out what is important to me. I am now ready find a role that I know I will enjoy. It feels like a cloud has lifted and my spirits are high. It's not over yet, but I am well on my way to a better career.

AD, Housing Officer

I came to Ros as part of my personal development plan after failing an interview for a mangagement position. I knew I had the skills within me, but I needed a way to approach my career and personal development in a more holistic and structured way. I have to admit I was a little sceptical as to how Ros could help, but she gave me some real food for thought and helped me to look at things in a different way - to consider the 'bigger picture'. This has resulted in me passing a second interview for the position and has also made me much more confident in my career path development. Ros - feel free to paraphrase if you like! Thanks again for your help and support Matt

Matt Perkins, Deputy Regional Manager South West Region Business Link in London, leadership coaching

Two weeks ago I started as a researcher at a boutique executive search firm. So I'm still in recruitment, but working on more interesting and more senior positions. I've also made sure that I've joined a company that are going to play close attention to training and development, and I will, in effect, have a mentor. I said at interview it was something I wanted - and so I've got it! So far the first two weeks have gone very well, and I think I've made a good decision.

Tim Wagstaff, London

All my friends and family have commented on how much happier I seem and how well I look since seeing Ros. As for me, my life is going in an exciting and empowering direction for the first time in ten years. I still don't have the magic answer (I now think that solution would be limiting) but I feel for the first time I'm getting closer all the time. This has made all the difference. This, and the changes Ros encouraged me to make, have made every day feel exciting again. In short, I am 100% happier.

P Barnby, Career Change Programme

After many months of complaining about my job (I'd just got a big promotion and the new role and pressure it bought suddenly made me realise that this was not what I wanted from a career) my husband took it upon himself to find me someone to talk to about it. He found Ros and setup an initial call with her for me. Talking through the career change process with Ros made it seem so achievable and I immediately knew that I had to do this. I had in my mind what I believed were ideal jobs and I was quite surprised that by simply writing my mini biography and initial hopes and dreams that psychology was still something that, in an ideal world, I wanted to pursue. However, I knew this wasnt possible so I dismissed it. Ros picked up on my underlying desire to pursue this and helped me work through how I could achieve this, both in my current job and my long term career. She helped me create a vision of my future and this vision was so real (it was quite emotional) that I had to have it, so am 100% committed to seeing through my action plan. I've taken on the more people focussed role in my current job, enrolled in coaching training and made enquiries about volunteering. I know I will get there!!

Alison Shaw, Senior Tax Advisor

I wouldn't consider myself a straightforward case in terms of what I came to Ros for help with. In that sense I wasn't sure what final outcome I expected other than to feel a stronger sense of where to focus my energy to achieve desired results.

Ros has given me a toolkit which I feel will serve me for life, tools I can implement in my career and ultimately in my life which are invaluable. I didn't know what exercises we would do, but I was pleasantly surprised to find them working on many levels. Ros coached me in her special way to go beyond my comfort zone - she provides a gentle yet firm support and hearing her voice is exceptionally uplifting and soothing. Having a place of trust was key, to openly explore my hopes and dreams without fear of judgment, in doing so I discovered that what I was looking for wasn't far away, in fact it was right under my nose. Ros cleared away a lot of mental noise & clutter to help me find it.

I'd recommend doing what she suggests to anyone, as the rewards are quite incredible. The most valuable of all the things I received from working with Ros was a healthier self-esteem, stronger belief in myself, practical tools to negotiate difficult situations in work, and best of all - a definite sense of where I want to go with my business and clear goals to achieve that vision. I'm extremely grateful and will be back!

Claire Todd - Creative Director & founder of Stylehub Image consultancy

I first contacted Ros when I was at a very low point after a massive round of redundancies at the printing company where I work, and having been offered a temporary 12 month contract in place of a permanent job. I was looking at all sorts of possible career directions since the print industry was so badly hit by the recession and because I did not necessarily want to go back into a marketing career either. I felt overwhelmed by too many different ideas and depressed that none of them were probably achievable. But Ros helped pick me up and put me back together again. I found her approach energetic, motivating and inspirational. During the course of the 3 month career change programme she delivered well over and above all of my initial expectations.

Ros helped me take an unexpected and at times uncomfortable look at myself but in the process I was more able to identify my true life and work values. I had suspected that much of the work would involve reviewing my career to date, and career options based on that, but it was instead a much more refreshing and uplifting review of my life, values, hopes and dreams. I had for the first time to think long and hard about how I want my life to be in the longer term which was quite challenging as I tend to live too much in the now. But Ros supported and guided me throughout the process and now that I have a clear vision of where I want to be in 5 years time and a plan on paper about how to get there, I now feel able to bridge the gap between where I am now and where I want to be.

As a result of the coaching I now feel more in touch with my true self and that my life has a direction to it that I was lacking before. I now see my current job as a stepping stone to other things rather than somewhere I am trapped and not fulfilling my full potential. And I can honestly say that I feel excited about my longer term future!

Lorna Rose, Account Manager, Apple Web Offset

I would recommend speaking to Ros to anyone who feels like they could do with some constructive help in researching all the avenues open to them when considering a career change. She is very easy to speak to and the tasks that are set after each phone call are all enjoyable and challenging. I definitely feel much more positive about the future after the course.

Clare Hoppe, Programme Manager

Ros provided guidance through a period of change in my career. I found myself at a crossroads, with the opportunity to make choices about my direction and through Ros I found the tools and techniques to enable me to make those choices with confidence. It was invaluable to have someone to challenge me throughout this process and I have now set myself realistic, attainable goals and am motivated to search for the right role for me.

Rebecca O'Donovan

When I first spoke with Ros I was trying to decide what I wanted to do next in my career. Should I be aiming for a management position or looking to do something completely different? I wanted to put some structure into my thought process so that I could put together a clear plan.

Working with Ros, using various exercises and methods such as visualisation, helped me to achieve this. I particularly liked the work and life stars which have helped me channel my thoughts and come up with some solid tenets that I can refer to at anytime to ensure that if and when I make a change I can evaluate my decisions based on my succinct list of what makes me happy at home and in work. Funnily enough they have also helped me to feel much more 'glass ¾ full' about my current role, which actually meets the majority of my needs. So I have gone from feeling trapped with no choices to feeling positive and confident that I have the tools to help me with whatever options and choices come my way in the future.

I cannot recommend Ros enough for people who need some help and guidance in channelling their thoughts and plans for the future. She is very professional, very intuitive about which methods of breaking down this thought process will suit you as an individual and very positive and supportive. Although we are all going through tough times at the moment I believe that getting your head straight about what you really want, not just what you think you ought to want, what really makes you happy at work and out of work, is worth spending the money on to get some help and guidance from a service such as career coaching. The peace of mind of having an action plan will empower you to weather the recession and deal with the future knowing you have a clear idea of where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Hannah Graham, Sales

When I started working with Ros I knew I was unhappy in my chosen career but I did not know what I really wanted to do. I had some ideas, but was not really excited about any of them. I was stuck in so many ways. The process and exercises that she guided me through unlocked a few surprises and exposed some self-delusions. It was at times draining and emotional but I emerged with a restored self, full of energy and excitement and joy about the path I have chosen: a path that was definitely not on the original list! I recommend Ros and her wonderful, diligent service, even if you think you don't need it.

Dave Magner, Optician

Before I came to Ros I was a 28 year old accounting manager plagued with doubts that I was in the right profession. I was fed up with working with numbers and wanted a more dynamic job where I could use the creative side of my brain. I wanted a job that I felt passionate about and would come to work every day with a smile on my face and totally dedicated to my role. I had some ideas about what I might do and had done some research. But I felt I had no experience and was concerned about having to take a pay cut to get into the job of my dreams.

As a result of the Career Change Programme, I have decided that I would like to move out of finance into a communications and marketing role. Meeting people within the profession and reading about the industry has made me realise that this is the perfect role for me, and I love the action plan which we created together to help me achieve it. Ros and I did a Bridging the Gap exercise in which we listed the skills, experience, knowledge and contacts I already had before identifying the gaps and obstacles I'd need to overcome to realise my vision. This showed me that I already had plenty of transferable skills and I began to see ways of getting the experience I needed to move me into my first role. I am now exploring opportunities to do a project with the comms and marketing team within my current organisation and with my local rugby club.

Another useful exercise was when she asked me to get feedback on my professional strengths and skills from people who know me well. This feedback was positive and self affirming and it has made me feel more confident with my CV. We tend to write what sounds good and what we think employers want but then our CVs sound shallow. Now I have stuff I can put on my CV that other people have identified and my CV has come to life. It's also great because when I look at the skill-set required in a job ad I know I have this and this, and I feel encouraged to apply for jobs I wouldn't have applied for before.

From having a number of ideas floating around in my head, I now have everything on paper which makes it feel more concrete for me and forces me to get going. I am looking forward to making my new career a reality.

AH, Finance, Sports Organisation, London

I changed jobs two years ago and ended up in an extremely toxic workplace. I had lost confidence, was confused about my next move and doubted my judgement. I thought that undertaking coaching provided a good opportunity to review my career goals.

Coaching made me look at all areas of my life. I found that many of the techniques enabled me to handle volatile situations both in the workplace and with family! It has been great putting some of these historic feuds to rest! I feel I have reconnected with my intutition and have a more focused view of my life and needs. I did find coaching an extremely challenging process at times. However changing the way you handle issues requires effort I gained so much from the process and noted benefits from the start.

AT, Senior Manager, Museums sector

I enlisted the support of Ros to help me figure out the best approach and strategy to getting my next job when I realised there was a good chance my current role would be made redundant. We worked together over a 6 month period and in that time Ros was invaluable. The structured approach to our sessions gave me the opportunity to prepare and ensure I put time aside to get value from my time with her. She is very resourceful and provided lots of ideas and advise. Her style suited my needs and she was flexible in her approach as well as the timing of our sessions. Although calm and gentle in her approach Ros has a determined side and held me accountable for my actions and continued to challenge and validate my decisions. At all times I felt Ros was working with me to achieve my outcomes and I'm delighted that I've benefitted from her insights. Our time together has had a significant impact on where I see myself in the future; given me the confidence to make a career change and given me new tools to how I approach the job search.

Angie Brayshaw, Financial Services

Before coming to coaching, Anna Davies had been considering giving up her freelance business to go back into full time employment because it wasn't profitable. This is a list of her achievements in the six months which followed:

- Found purpose and renewed life for my business
- Created the concept Vilensky Event Music
- Realised the value of tracking finances carefully to give structure to make future plans for the business
- I have taken major steps to stabilize my income and to make it grow
- I have learned how to be more strategic in how to develop the business in terms of which bits have more value and therefore which bits I should prioritize - I feel more able to prioritize and as a result feel more motivated because I feel more confident in my business as a whole.
- I feel I have identified my business as a 'living thing' separate from myself.
- Have taken steps to learn how to market my new business venture
- Improved my teaching diary to suit my needs.
- I have realised the value of getting my business to work for me and how I want my life to be. A liberating and motivating thing.

Anna Davies, provider of live music at special events, performer and teacher of the cello

I came to Ros because I felt I needed to reassess the career choices I had made over the last 10 years that had been heavily influenced by my family commitments. I brought to her a sense of impotence and a total lack of direction. Through her very structured program, I was forced to identify head-on what my priorities and motivations are. The process was not always comfortable, but by the end, I understood much better what I want from a job and I recognised that I did have choices where before, I felt that I had none. Almost a year on, I have not made any changes to my career. However, with the tools provided by the course, I know that I am equipped to make those changes when the time is right.

Hannah Swain, in Compliance and transitioning to a new career

Before I started working with Ros I had been struggling for years in a career which I felt I had outgrown but just couldn't figure out where to go next. I felt overwhelmed by the potential options and lacking in confidence to explore new possibilities. I was really 'stuck'. Working through the exercises on the Career Change Programme helped me clarify what was really important to me and with Ros' support and guidance we worked through all the options to find the career that was the best fit with my life goals and values and which I feel truly passionate about. I now feel much more in control of my life, have a definite sense or purpose and more importantly a detailed plan of how to achieve my goals. I believe I would not have found that clarity and direction without Ros' help and I would definitely recommend the programme to anyone seeking to enhance their life and career.

JD, Career Change Programme

Ros was a tremendous help during my job search process. I was in the midst of changing directions in my career after 6 years in investment banking to financial public relations. Ros was able to help me with revising my CV, to tailor it to my new vocation, as well as thinking creatively about interview preparation. After our coaching session I had a more defined view of the messages I wanted to convey in the interview and a clear view of what I wanted to learn about the organisation from my interviewers. I felt completely confident and relaxed when walking into each meeting, which helped tremendously with building a rapport with my future colleagues. I would recommend interview coaching to anyone, and in particular those who are seeking to change career direction, as each industry has its own unique style and screening technique.

Dorothy, Interview Coaching

Before calling Ros, I had always known that I had always NOT been in the right sector for me. But when one is successful, rewarded and looked up to, it is hard to force oneself to change. For what? A tragic family event made me wake up to reality: I knew I had to do something to change, but how? To what/where? At that time I got introduced to Ros and career coaching with her has helped me see who I really was and how/where I could make my real self be happy professionally. It's a tough change but the rational structure of Ros' coaching reassures you that you're doing the right thing. She is also very supportive mentally and shows honest empathy which, when you're going through change, is crucial. I also am very thankful to Ros for having enabled me to cross some of my 'old-time career dreams', as I realized they did not match my personality/needs/values. Also for big travelers it comes very handy and cheap to coach via 'skype' as Ros offers it.

Josephine, Finance

I took Ros on as my coach from August 2007 through March 2008. In that time, I have worked out most importantly what my key values are through a series of exercises that we did together along with an evaluation of my skillset. This has proved to me to be extremely useful in determining my new career direction which is Events Management. I can thoroughly recommend Ros Toynbee for life coaching as she is reliable, responsive, flexible, resourceful, accommodating and empathetic.

KH, Business Affairs, film organisation

I approached Ros at a time when I was really unsure about what next steps to take careerwise. I had thought about some options but didn't really know what would be best for me. I think the main benefit of having Ros as a coach was having a structured approach to making career decisions and having her objectivity. We looked at my strengths, weaknesses and values and progressed through to researching different careers. The whole process left me with a level of clarity which had been missing before. Ros will not tell you what to do next in your career, but guide you through letting you come to your own conclusions. I am about to start a new job and I am more positive about what the future holds for me and my career.

Johanna, Marketing

Working with Ros was a real treat at a time in my career where I felt uncertain, lost and frankly a bit disillusioned. Ros's fine tuned coaching approach, her knowledge of people and motivational attitude meant that I got out a lot more than I had anticipated.
She validated what I suspected in terms of the person that I am and therefore most likely to enjoy doing, but much more than that, she helped me identify those key choices and short and long term realistic plans to get me there.
Outside of the sessions themselves, it also served as a springboard to have much bigger conversations with my partner about our life and what matters. Furthermore, the exercises and tools we used throughout, I can now draw on whenever I need to.

Magali Nedgar, Alliance Manager

I started working with Ros after an extended period in which I have not been satisfied at work and shortly after being promoted to a new role I felt was not the right role for me.

Through working with Ros, I regained a sense of direction for my career, came up with my vision for the next few years and learned a lot about my needs and wants, what motivates me and my values. I am now a lot clearer on my next steps and the skills I want to acquire in order to get there. If I can summarise in one word what it is that I gained through the experience it would be CLARITY.

I'd like to thank Ros for her patience, her fantastic listening, motivation and all the practical advice she gave me along the way.

David Shaked, Six Sigma Black Belt